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Monday, July 6, 2015

Maryland Outdoor Family Session || Alex + Lynnessa

Baby, toddler, mom, dad, sunset, summer, smiles: pretty much everything I know and love to photograph. 

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Oma & Jo : Instagram Giveaway!

My sweet children were blessed with my husbands Italian appetite and my Irish complexion, so needless to say, we wear hats in this family. I came across the adorable shop Oma & Jo on Instagram and love their sweet handmade bonnets, caps and clothing for little kids and I'm so glad to see their new shopfront open as of yesterday! They graciously sent us a cap for O (he has been wearing it pretty much non-stop) and a precious bonnet and romper for L. I literally gasped when I saw this beautiful bonnet and I know L will be sporting it all the time. The romper is so great too because it is reversible! I find that my kids need some grace when it comes to clothing, so being able to quickly turn around an outfit on the go seems like the best idea :)  

Oma & Jo are a mother-daughter operation based out of Alaska. They just opened up their first website this week and their offerings are so sweet and whimsical (check out that woodland treasures romper!). O and L are wearing the Earthy Linen 5-Panel Cap , Gypsophila Pompom Bonnet and the Rosy Posy Girls Romper

We are doing an Instagram giveaway this week where you can win your choice of a Cap or Bonnet! Head over to my Instagram to see how to enter.

Thanks again to Oma & Jo for sharing their beautiful work with us!

Oma & Jo
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jonathan + Rachel | Home Family Session

Thank the Lord for sweet and beautiful friends. Jonathan and Rachel started to coming to our church just a bit over a year ago and quickly became special friends to us, followed by little Kuyper coming into the world. They invited us into their lovely home for an afternoon of photos and (amazing) food and we love the cute faces Kuyper gave us once he warmed up:) I love taking photos of families in their homes as they are. These are the moments I want to remember of our friends and I can only hope we give them a tiny reminder of these precious days.

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Monday, February 9, 2015


The weeks leading up to Lenora's birth were spent doing headstands off the couch and walking miles to try to flip her around. Visiting a chiropractor actually worked, although the idea of acupuncture sounded quite fun (lighting the ends of needles on fire to magically turn a baby around inside you? why not?!) After an uncomplicated C-Section with Owen, I was hoping to try for a VBAC with the help of the amazing Bay Area Midwives, but plans changed when her due date passed. We scheduled the surgery for a Thursday afternoon and on that day, Horace and I walked into the Operating Room alongside a surgeon from the hospital and one of the midwives to assist and we got ready to say hello to Lenora. It was so bizarre to know that within the next few minutes, she'd be with us.
There is a bit of comfort in not knowing what to expect, because it all happens so quickly and you just have to go with it. This time, I was a bit nervous about the process since I knew what was coming and those operating rooms are so cold! It was so comforting to have my midwife there next to me in a place that you don't usually expect to see them *. I definitely held on to Horace's hand pretty tightly as everything was getting going, but the nurses and doctors were actually very relaxed and upbeat which helped me to smile and not be so on edge. Before too long, I heard her cry from the other side of the room and Horace laid her on me as I relaxed and enjoyed the moment of getting to see my beautiful daughter for the first time. 

*(Just as a side note, throughout my whole pregnancy, the midwives were nothing but respectful and so kind to me, even though I'm not the typical person to go to the midwives. All of the midwives were incredibly knowledgeable and at the same time so approachable, I felt like any question or thought I had would be met with an honest and open opinion of a friend. It was the best experience and I hope people who don't think they would be a good fit for midwives will consider it.)

We spent about 3 days in the hospital and my recovery went much faster this time than the last. A lot of people say that the recovery for C-sections is exceptionally difficult and long, but in my experience, its really been quite manageable. It was interesting that this time, they had me up and walking 12 hours after the operation, whereas with Owen it was 24 hours. This seems to really have jump started my recovery and it made me feel less worried about hurting myself by moving around. The other factor of course is my long-suffering and patient husband and family. Horace is such a great and supportive helper and I know that He was made to be my husband and the father of these kids. He is so sweet with Lenora, cooing over her and begging to hold her any chance he can. Our families were so kind to keep Owen and help us out in so many ways. 

The one big concern we had before Lenora was how Owen was going to handle everything. After turning 2, his whole demeanor changed and his personality and desire to challenge us really sprouted. Of course, we expected him to miss the attention we poured on him and to have a good bit of jealousy for Lenora. Praise God, Owen has been nothing but sweet to her and has only gotten more obedient and loving to Horace and I. He is still a two year old, but he really has grown a lot over the past few months and I'm so grateful for that blessing and answer to a lot of prayers. When he came to meet her, he was pretty shy, but became very excited when she gave him an awesome Thomas the Tank engine wrist watch. Owen gave Lenora a little giraffe that she was less than amused by:) 

God has given us so much in these amazing people. Every now and again, I'll think back to when Horace and I were sitting on hills and rooftops before we were even dating, and now we sit with two extra whole people by our sides (we tend to stay on the ground:). We don't deserve these kids or each other, and sometimes all of this is so difficult, but this is what we were given and what we are tasked to do: to love each other as God loved us. I'm so grateful to know my place and my job and I can't believe its a fun and wonderful as it is. 

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