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Monday, January 26, 2015

Some things I've been wanting to tell someone

by my Horace

  • Fischer is having a sale!
  • Grandma's Secret Spot Remover is the best out there. I've tried everything, Oxi Clean, Shout, you name it. This gets out anything your toddler chooses to lather himself in on any given day. 
  • My husband told me about the band Lucius and I can't stop listening. Girl vocals, tons of harmony, check them out. (p.s. their album is on Spotify) (p.p.s I'm so not on top of music lately, as witnessed here, but I recently kind of realized that I get a lot of my music taste from my mom, who listened to oldies, which weren't oldies when she originally listened to them lol, and some modern pop/rock with us, as well as the occasional classical station and talk radio:). I remember talking about music with her and being challenged about my choices (A Backstreet Boys CD for $20?!?)  I love that she didn't try to filter our music (except for that one time I tried so hard to prove that Spice Girls was totally worth listening to) and because of that, I think we had a better chance of liking good music. There are lines to draw everywhere, but I hope that I can give this to my kids as well).
  • I love this post (and all the "Life in a tiny apartment" posts). This one talks about how you should just buy the nice pretty thing you want that might get stained and toddlerd. Our things are supposed to be used and loved. Our houses are supposed to be beautiful and in need of cleaning. Get that gorgeous cream baby blanket and use it up. 

    Thursday, January 22, 2015

    Kelly & Marc

    Its not too long now before these two have a new little boy in their arms. I can't wait to see Kelly and Marc in their new role as parents and we especially can't wait to have another cousin to add to the mix:) 

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    Monday, January 12, 2015

    Kristina Angelozzi : Fischer Clothing

    Since pursuing photography, I've been given some awesome opportunities to connect with people I otherwise wouldn't have crossed paths with. One of my resolutions from last new years was to connect with more creative people in our area and I have to say, this resolution was basically done for me. I had so many wonderful people reach out to work with me this past year and I'm so grateful for their kindness and desire to collaborate. One of those people was Kristina Angelozzi, the maker behind Fischer Clothing. Kristina recently moved back to Baltimore and has set up the kind of studio in the city that I always dreamed I'd have the chance to shoot in. It makes such a difference to have a work space that is inspiring and I can only imagine getting to come into this spacious room with glorious bright windows every morning and sit down to create. I connected with Kristina a while ago and fell in love with her designs and fabrics. I own quite a few Fischer pieces now and I'm waiting oh so patiently for spring to come so that I can live in them:) 
    When The Collective Quarterly was doing a piece on Kristina, she so kindly asked if I'd do some photos of her in her space for the issue. Needless to say, this was a dream. Absaroka was recently released and I couldn't be more pleased to see the photos in the magazine alongside some of my own favorite photographers. This is one of my favorite shoots that I've done so far and I'm so happy to share some photos not in the magazine. 

    Here's to a new year of collaboration and reaching out. 

    p.s. I'm looking to do more shoots like this in the future, so if you're a creative in the Baltimore/DC area, drop me a line ( I'll be reaching out too! ).

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    Monday, January 5, 2015


    While Horace was off work for the new year, we ventured up to the Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore to check out the gardens and let O run around. He's at an age now that he's actually interested in the places we go and what there is to see, so it is really fun to take him with us and watch him enjoy himself. L slept like a rock tucked up against Horace.
    One of my new year's resolutions is to use my camera for our family more than I did last year. Its easy to reach for my phone camera when my dslr is tucked away in its bag in the closet, but I know I will be so grateful for good pictures when I look back (and my non-iphone just doesn't cut it). I want to have it out for our adventures as well as our day to day life in our home so that we can look back and see the sweetness we experience when the four of us are together. 

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